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International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry
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dr. v.k.sharma , chief editor
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We are highly privileged to inform you that Scientific and Academic Association of India, an internationally recognized Association, is publishing online high quality research oriented review articles, short communications and original research papers under the titles of following online journals: International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry Green Chemistry Section: This journal covers Biocatalysts, Biorenewable resources, Cleaner synthesis technology, the design of new, greener and safer chemicals and materials, Microwave synthesis of organic compounds, QSR technology for organic compounds. All the related of environment sciences field such as Pollution Control, Alternate Energy Technologies, Biofuels, Green Engineering, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Sustainable Biorefineries, Biotechnology, Wastewater Treatment, Water Pollution Control, Pharma-Ecology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and personal care products etc Herbal Chemistry Section: Herbal Chemistry is dedicated to medicinal plants and to bioactive natural products of plant origin. The journal covers subjects relating to Isolation and Characterization of active ingredients of medicinal plants; New methods for standardization of bioactive plant extract/s and natural products; Clinically active plant extracts; Receptor / target identification in mechanism of action of plant extracts including enzyme assays;Use of Nanotechnology in Herbal formulations; Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive natural product/s of plant origin; Legal Issues related to Herbs and TKDL;Traditional use of herbs as medicine; Detoxification treatments by either Elimination like panchakarma or shodana or Palliation like shaman; Toxicology study ; Reports of field studies.; Issues related to conservation of medicinal plants.