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Modern Transportation
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Una Lee , Publisher
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Modern Transportation is a scientific and technical professional periodical for international publication. It is a comprehensive academic journal focusing on civil engineering (road and bridge) engineering and transportation engineering. It publishes articles and developments with high academic and technical aspects in the field of transportation. Dynamics is a forum for exchanging experiences and theoretical discussions. It is a window to show the wisdom of traffic science and technology workers. At the same time, it also provides a stage for transportation to demonstrate its construction technology, standards of management and scientific research at home and abroad. Opened road engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, traffic engineering (including intelligent transportation), port and shipping engineering, transportation economy and logistics and other columns.exchanges and explorations, and promote the development of international atmospheric and marine sciences, for the global scientific development and economy. The construction of services; the publication guidelines are: based on the international, to promote innovation, the pursuit of quality; task is: to report the latest scientific achievements of the global atmospheric and marine science.