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International Journal of Research in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering - IJRAME
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Mr. Mohammad Salahuddin , Editor-in-Chief
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Fins are used to enhance the rate of heat transfer from the heated surfaces to environment. The enhancement in heat transfer can also be obtained by proper selection of fins or by making some modifications in the geometry of surfaces with different types of notches. Fins offer an economical and trouble free solution in many situations. Heat sinks in the form of fin arrays on horizontal and vertical surfaces used in variety of engineering applications, studies of heat transfer and fluid flow associated with such arrays are of considerable engineering significance. The main controlling variable generally available to designer is geometry of fin arrays. Moreover notches of different geometrical shapes have also been analyzed for the purpose of comparison and optimization. In a lengthwise short array of fins the central portion of fin flat becomes ineffective due to the fact that, already heated air comes in its contact. An experimental investigation of heat transfer on rectangular fins with triangular notch, circular notch and without notch in a horizontal rectangular different flow rates has been investigated.