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Bionano Frontier
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Dr.V.M.Jamdhade , Executive Editor
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The main objective of this peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal is to encourage the academicians and researchers those who are actively engaged in research specially in Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Bio-Physics,Biotechnology,Nanotechnology,Bio-Chemistry, Applied biology,Hydrology,FoodChemistry,Environmental Chemistry,Biopharmaceutics,,Pharmacology,Bioinformatics,Proteomics & Genomics, Plant and Animal Physiology, Nutrition, Fermentation Technology,Agri Biotechnology,Pharmacology,Phytochemistry,Enzymology,Cell and Tissue Culture,Pharmacognosy,Pharmacy Practice, Medicinal Chemistry Immunology,Pathology,Neurobiology, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and allied branches of clinical research in Medical and Pharmaceutical field. The Journal would publish original articles, review articles. All articles published in “BIONANO FRONTIER” are evaluated by the experts. The journal currently Abstracted /Listed/Cited/Index with: Indian Science Abstract, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Abstract (MAPA/CSIR-India), Genamics-Journal Seek –Newzealand, E-ISRJC- Philliines, International Scientific Citation Agency, Indian Journal Seeker, Revistas Cientificas (Barcelona, Spain), Google Search Engine, Google Scholar and Connect e-Journals