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shriprbhu PRATIBHA
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Dr. Prabuddha Mishra , Editor
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1.479 From 09/03/2015 To 21/02/2016 2.397 From 22/02/2016 To 22/02/2017 3.817 From 05/11/2018 To 05/11/2019 3.911 From 11/11/2019 To 11/11/2020
JhizHkqpratibha Research journal of Humanities JhizHkqpratibha is a quarterly Research journal of Humanities published by Pratibha Prakashan, Allahabad for intellectuals, research scholars and public in general. This publication is devoted to the high standard of articles and research papers on humanities which encourages inter disciplinary approach to the matters. The contributors are requested to give special approach to discipline. The original and ground breaking theme would be appreciated so that it may be regarded as a specialized work of the journal as well as yours. The modern approach should be inter disciplinary and covered with social values for the upliftment of the society. It is an endeavour to give a kick start to the new researchers along with old scholars to express their views and analysis on the theme of the issues.