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Ecologia Balkanica
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Ivelin Mollov, PhD , Co-Editor-In-Chief
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"Ecologia Balkanica" is an international scientific journal, in which original research articles in various fields of Ecology are published, including ecology and conservation of microorganisms, plants, aquatic and terrestrial animals, physiological ecology, behavioral ecology, population ecology, population genetics, community ecology, plant-animal interactions, ecosystem ecology, parasitology, animal evolution, ecological monitoring and bioindication, landscape and urban ecology, conservation ecology, as well as new methodical contributions in ecology. Studies conducted on the Balkans are a priority, but studies conducted in Europe or anywhere else in the World are accepted as well. The journal is published by the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria – Plovdiv and the University of Plovdiv Publishing House. It is distributed as a hard copy and online (open access) version. Articles are archived and searched through several major OA repositories: DOAJ, Index Coupernicus, Google Scholar and many others. All accepted articles are published online first and after the completion of the issue they are available online and as hardcopy as well.