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Sport Mont
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Jovan Gardasevic , Managing Editor
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Sport Mont Journal (SMJ) is a print (ISSN 1451-7485) and electronic scientific journal (eISSN 2337-0351) aims to present easy access to the scientific knowledge for sport-conscious individuals using contemporary methods. The purpose is to minimize the problems like the delays in publishing process of the articles or to acquire previous issues by drawing advantage from electronic medium. Hence, it provides: • Open-access and freely accessible online; • Fast publication time; • Peer review by expert, practicing researchers; • Post-publication tools to indicate quality and impact; • Community-based dialogue on articles; • Worldwide media coverage. Mission SMJ is published three times a year, in February, June and October of each year. SMJ publishes original scientific papers, review papers, editorials, short reports, peer review - fair review, as well as invited papers and award papers in the fields of Sports Science and Medicine, as well as it can function as an open discussion forum on significant issues of current interest. Focus and Scope SMJ covers all aspects of sports science and medicine; all clinical aspects of exercise, health, and sport; exercise physiology and biophysical investigation of sports performance; sport biomechanics; sports nutrition; rehabilitation, physiotherapy; sports psychology; sport pedagogy, sport history, sport philosophy, sport sociology, sport management; and all aspects of scientific support of the sports coaches from the natural, social and humanistic side. Ownership Sport Mont Journal is official journal of Montenegrin Sports Academy and is jointly published by: • Faculty for Sport and Physical Education (University of Montenegro)