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Central Asian Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies (CARJIS)
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+998993211814 , Editorial secretary: Bakhrom Juraboev
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The Central Asian Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies (CARJIS) is intended to disseminate among the scientific community the achievements, problems and prospects for the development of the fields of science and education, in particular, the history and specific stages in the development of science and education in Uzbekistan, the path of progress of science and education, to inform the scientific society about scientists who have made a huge contribution to science and spirituality, about the problems of improving science and education, about research and innovation in this area, to further increase the interest of the younger generation in science and education, to express the scientific views of experts in this field, to discuss and enriching advanced theories and scientific ideas, for the widespread adoption of methods and practices The scientific journal has certificate No. 1438 of the Agency for the Development of Information and Mass Communications under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The journal accepts articles in the following areas: 1. Exact sciences 2. Natural sciences 3. Engineering sciences 4. Pedagogical sciences 5. Social and human sciences 6. Medical sciences. Note for authors of articles: articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian, English and Tajik.