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International Journal of Modern Management and Foresight
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Garrigos Simon , Management & Future Studies
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IJMMF follows open access policy so that everyone can benefit published papers free of charge. We think that this policy is a method for future as our journal title is also referring to foresight. We believe that the trend for open access journal is positive and in the near future all journals will follow this style. As referred in the title of the journal "modern management" and "foresight" or "futures studies" is the most concerning subjects for us. Any paper related to these scopes is paid attention over other papers. We believe that futures studies are so important as a fundamental tool for completion of other studies which should be focused more at the present and future. This journal main aim is to improve this attention. We are also interested to new trends, methods, thoughts, discoveries, and any other modern movements in all fields of management, social sciences, behavioral sciences, humanities, technology, business, economics, and etc. All papers related to these subjects are welcome.