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Sadbhavna-Research Journal of Human Development
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Dr. Arindam Kanta Banerjee , Prof. (Surgery)
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0.416 From 28/06/2016 To 28/06/2017
Sadbhavna - Research Journal of Human Development is awarded ISSN (Print 2249-6424 & Online 2277-7377) number since its inception 5 years ago. Since then, it is published regularly every 6 months (previously every 3 months). We are also awarded RNI no by Registrar of Newspapers in India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, GoI. All issues are available open-access in and also visible in Google Scholar & other indexing platforms. The journal website is updated regularly with new issues with a chronological archive. We publish original (hitherto unpublished) free-of-plagiarism scholarly articles in English - chronicling research progress made in all spheres of Human Development, esp. in field of Education. Our Advisory Committee, Editorial Board & Peer Review Team include academicians of eminence. Sadbhavna is accepted as a premier educational research journal across India We wish to get INDEXED with you & obtain IMPACT FACTOR for our journal in your esteemed platform. Kindly check our eligibility status and advise accordingly. Please quote your professional service charges. Enclosed along with, kindly find our self-assessment report in reference of following criteria • Quality of Publication • Internationalization • Manuscript Quality • Presentational Quality • Editorial Quality