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مجلة التراث AL TURATH Journal
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00213674230479 , Trimestral, International, Periodic And Arbitrated Manner, Devoted To Human And Social Studies Mult
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AL TURATH Journal is a multilingual and multidisciplinary journal; It was created in 2012 by the University of ZIANE ACHOUR, Djelfa - Algeria - it is a Trimestrial, international, periodical, refereed, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal, devoted to human and social studies, and published in all the languages. it aims to disseminate valuable research and new and serious topics related to topical issues in a way that contributes to the promotion and development of scientific research. it also seeks to influence and attract all multidisciplinary and multilingual academic audiences from all national and international universities, by publishing research of scientific, methodological and research originality. The journal is interested in the fields of social sciences, development, education, law, linguistics and language, research on security, political science and international relations, public administration, psychology, literature and humanities, history, philosophy, Sharia and law, jurisprudence and fundamentals, Islamic economics, language and Quranic studies. History of Islamic civilization, Islamic preaching, belief and comparison of religions, the Qur’an and Sunnah, educational sports physical activity, sports training, teaching physical and sports activities, sports and health, sports recreation.