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Larysa Kalmykova , Dr., Professore (Psychology)
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In periodic, succeeded collection of scientifi c works «Psycholinguistics» the founder of which is SHEE «Pereyaslav- Khmelnytskyi state pedagogical university named after Hryhoriy Skovoroda» publish in Ukrainian, Russian and other languages articles are connected with psychological, linguistic, socio-communicative and psycholingvodidactive aspects of psycholinguistics according to common speech and language object of investigation in such branches of knowledge (specialities) as «Psychology», «Linguistics», and «Social communications». The problems under analysis concern: methodology and theory of psycholinguistics; linguistic consciousness; psychosemantics; psycholingvosynergetics; speech production and speech perception of the utterance, text, communicative problems in psycholinguistics; language, speech and communicative competence in terms of learning native, second and foreign languages; becoming and development of verbal consciousness; ethnopsycholinguistics; psycholinguistics of translation and interpretation; bilinguism and polyliguism; lingvosociocultural, axiological and social aspects of communication; speech and language personality becoming etc. Applied branches of psycholinguistics deal with: psycholinguistics in lingvodidactic and correction pedagogics, patopsychology, afasiology; psycholinguistics in engineering, military, space, judicial, psychology and criminalistics; psycholinguistics in political psychology, mass-media activity, advertisement; psycholinguistics in the problems of artifi cial intellect, machine translation, information and search systems and computer technologies and so on. The interaction of psycholinguistics with neurolinguistics, neuro- and psychophysiology, psychology of communication, noospherology, psychophysics, synergetics, parapsychology, psychiatrics, psychotherapy, psychographology, psychoprosodics etc. reveals.