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Global Journal of Business Information System
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Amit Prasad , Director
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Global Journal of Business Information System provides a distinctive international perspective on the theory and practice of Business Information Systems. The journal welcomes the contribution of original developments of system modeling techniques and and applications of information and systems in real world business problems. Papers addressing testing of new modeling techniques, demonstrating the potential of some novel ideas, experiments with some new models and simulations for practical problems are also suitable topics for the journal. The journal also publishes survey articles which summarize the development and open problems of particular information techniques. The following list of sample-topics is by no means to be understood as restricting contributions to the topics mentioned: Buy online for sale prices Best Halloween Costumes 2018 at - shop Halloween costume ideas 2018 for kids, adults, pets - the ultimate selection of new design Halloween costume ideas 2018 for cheapest prices - visit Halloweeneo online store for 50 000+ costumes! 1. Economic models for information systems 2. Data mining, data warehousing and information logistics 3. Geo-BIS 4. Language technology for BIS 5. Mobile e-business, web services for e-business, e-commerce 6. Legal information systems 7. Business intelligence 8. Knowledge management 9. Decision support systems 10.Strategic information systems 11. Artificial intelligence, expert systems, multimedia 12. Accounting information systems 13. Balanced scorecard, performance measures/metrics 14. IT/IS evaluation, internet standards/protocols/communications 15. ERP and supply chains; CRM