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Progress in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
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N. Pal , Assistant Professor
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Progress in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (PINDAC) is an open access, peer reviewed and refereed journal devoted to publication of original research articles as well as review articles, with emphasis on unsolved problems and open questions. The journal focuses on issues related to these topics of interests but are not limited to: Theoretical Physics leading semi conductor devices, Nano-materials, solidons, and recent aspects of nonlinear systems using Hamiltonian theory. Time series analysis use of special measures of non-linear movements. Web mining web engines web services Trusted SYSTEMS. New crypto systems based on chaos. Aero-space and engineering problems. Fracture Mechanics Stochastic Delay Differential Equations. Random graph algorithms. Hyper graph and applications to Image analysis, Classification and Clustering, Control and Robotics, Data Analysis, Decision Making and Support, Image, Speech and Signal Processing, Information Processing, F Applications in Communications and Networking, Applications in Computer Vision, Applications in Finance, Soft Computing Applications and Others.