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International Journal of Business Management and Information Technology
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Amit Prasad , Director
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The International Journal of Business Management and Information Technology (IJBMIT) deals with information technology, its evolution and future prospects and its relationship with the Business Management .It addresses technological, managerial, political, economic and organizational aspects of the application of IT in relationship with Business Management. The journal will serve as a comprehensive resource for policy makers, government officials, academicians, and practitioners. IIJBMIT promotes and coordinates the developments in the IT based applications of business management and presents the strategic roles of IT and management towards sustainable development. The journal also publishes survey articles which summarize the development and open problems of particular information techniques. The following list of sample-topics is by no means to be understood as restricting contributions to the topics mentioned:  Managing the rapid changes in information technology  Emerging advances in IT and new applications  Implications of digital convergence and growth of IT  Managing national information infrastructure  Managing networks, including corporate networks  Intelligent organisations, IT and new forms of organisations  IT and network organisations, electronic governance, jurisdiction in cyberspace  Organisational barriers to implementing IT, diffusion and future of IT  Enterprise resource models, knowledge management/repositories  Customer relationship management and IT  Knowledge economy, IT clusters, intellectual property rights in IT  Intelligent agents, distributed software development, advances in encryption  Knowing machines  Management/geographic information, geographic information systems  Economic models for information technology  Data mining, data warehousing and information logistics  Supply Chain Management  Customer RelationshipManagement