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Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond : An International Journal on Alternative Care
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Dr. Monisha C. Nayar-Akhtar , Editor in Chief
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Institutionalised children are often at risk to leading marginalized existences. Current literature on this subject so far has been limited. The journal “Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond (ICEB)” evolved out of the need to expand our understanding of the developmental needs of such children and to offer a venue for professionals, policy makers and volunteers to share and exchange their ideas, their expertise and their knowledge. This journal will attempt to address limitations in the research, knowledge and counselling practices currently prevalent in working with institutionalized children. ICEB sees itself as a forum for studies, discussions, debates and research on issues that would lead to the integration of such children into the mainstream and thus to their inclusion in civil society. Representing all the South Asian Countries also broadens the depth and reach of this journal.