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Academic Discourse
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Dr Suresh Dhanda , Editor
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ACADEMIC DISCOURSE is a peer reviewed multi-disciplinary, bi-annual, International research journal owned by Shri Atmanand Jain College Trust and Management Society. It publishes original, new and innovative ideas of wider interest. The journal is available in both print (Print ISSN: 2278- 3296) and online (Online ISSN: 2349-4441) form. MOU has been signed with for the publication of journal in online form. The title of journal is also registered with Registrar, Newspapers of India (RNI NO. HARBIL/2012/45761) and the annual statement of the journal is regularly being filed with RNI. The journal is regular in publication since June 2012. We are committed to make the journal a hub of authors, researchers, editors, readers and students who have a passion for novel ideas, objective criticism, open mindedness, intellectual curiosity and uncompromising adherence to the highest scholarly standards. Academic Discourse offers informative, insightful and lively discourse on the full range of topics having contemporary relevance.