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Journal of Knowledge Management Studies
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Amit Prasad , Director
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The Journal of Knowledge Management studies provides perspectives on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of knowledge management. The journal contributes to the development of both theory and practice in the field of knowledge management. The journal accepts academically robust papers, topical articles and case studies that contribute to the area of research in, and practice of knowledge management. journal covers the following topics 1. Knowledge management and innovative 2. Integrated learning and knowledge infrastructure 3. Communication and organisational culture 4. Knowledge organisation, taxonomies and ontology 5. Knowledge creation, retention, sharing and transfer 6. Knowledge databases and repositories 7. Knowledge Innovation Networks 8. Knowledge and communication professionals and leadership 9. Learning organisation and organisational learning 10. Techniques and methods for managing knowledge and communication 11. Using information technology to develop knowledge and communication management 12.Practical implementations of knowledge and communication management