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Egyptian Journal of Social Work (ejsw)
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Hesham S. Abdul Maguid , Editor in Chief
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0.331 From 27/06/2016 To 27/06/2017
The Egyptian Journal of Social Work (EJSW) is a new English International publication of the social work profession in Egypt by the faculty of social work, Helwan University. The IJSW is issued twice a year at January and June. The journal is striving to provide a best publication refereed for original articles and researches in different fields of the profession social work theory, practice. The journal focuses on clinical Therapy, group counseling and group therapy, community work, Management Supervision and Research in the field of Social Work. The Egyptian Journal of Social Work (EJSW) is committed to the idea that the social work profession has to respond to globalization and continuous interactions between all parts of our world, so it permits for all researchers and practitioners around the world to publish their articles for exchanging their knowledge and experiences of social work practice.