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International Journal of Engineering and Techniques- IJET
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Prof. Mohammad Jannati , Chief Editor
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The "International Journal of Engineering and Techniques" is a leading international journals for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all aspects of computer science and engineering. IJET is a scholarly open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of half of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Engineering. On military traditions, giving of shadow boxes is a way to recognize the services given by a personnel. Need a place to store a valuable medal or display a flag from your or someone you know with military experiences? Military award shadow boxes are an excellent means of storing such items. Shadow boxes are typically special enclosed cases that allow light to pass through enough to view the contents but not enough to damage the items over time. The idea of what a traditional shadow box is supposed to look like has changed over the years.