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Physics and mathematics education
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Olena Semenikhina , Chief Editor
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The scientific journal "Physics and mathematics education" covers issues related to methodological and practical aspects of teaching mathematics, physics, and computer science. The main sections of the journal: 1. Theory and methods of modern teaching 2. Important problems of mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics 3. Important problems of physics and methods of teaching physics 4. Information Technologies in Education The journal was founded in 2013 on the Physics and mathematics faculty of Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University. Publication Frequency is 2-4 issues per year. Manuscript languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English. Editorial policy is consistent with the ethical standards for publications that are accepted in the world, and consider their implementation is necessary for maintaining the integrity of scientific publication. The editorial Board invites scientists who work on issues of theory and methodology of teaching physics, mathematics, computer science and use of information technologies in education for publication of articles.