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Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL)
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Tetyana Vasilyeva , Editor-in-Chief
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The Journal of Business Ethics and Leadership promotes the development of scientific cooperation and international dissemination of theoretical and empirical research, as well as the best global democratic practices regarding ethical standards and leadership in business, trade, management, public administration and education. Our journal publishes original articles of basic and applied research, conceptual and empirical papers, conference papers, case studies and critical reviews. Key topics: Honesty, transparency, standards, reputation, fairness and ethics in business, trade, management, public administration; Academic integrity; Corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship; Leadership and innovation in business, education, corporate and public management; Social justice, social equality, protection of corporal and personal rights and freedoms; Behavioral economics, effective and ethical business communications and public relations; Public-private and intersectoral partnership, harmonization of interests of stakeholders; Management of human capital, management, organizational culture, motivation, professional ethics; Client-oriented business management, quality of services, protection of consumer interests; Introduction of democratic practices in social and economic processes. In Sephardic and many Hasidims, on each corner there is a tallit katan not one but two openings. In addition, on some brushes, in addition to the four (double) mandatory knots, you can see from 13 to 40 small knots on the threads of the thread. Such a white veil, such as a poncho is called tallit or jewish prayer shawl . First, the tallit is covered in such a way as to cover the head with it, and all its four corners are thrown over the left shoulder, after which the tallit is lowered onto the shoulders, so that its corners hang loosely on the sides. Visit for more info.