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Imaging and Radiation Research
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Ennis Wong , Enpress Publisher, LLC
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Imaging and Radiation Research is an international journal which aims to communicate to its readers, state-of-the-art technologies and methods on image and radiation. The journal welcomes original researches(laboratory based, modelling, field tests, case study), reviews and important applications of imaging technology and radiation related analyses; Open to subjects in medical science, surgical practices, biomedical science, biology, materials science and engineering, as well as other related branches of physics and chemistry. It covers all aspects of imaging technology and analysis methods, Radiation Biology & Radiation Physics, including but not limited to: The use of SPECT and PET Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Ultrasonic imaging Gamma Cameras and its application, Electron microscopy Computed tomography Electron imaging and processing X-ray diffraction Spectroscopic analyses Radiation detection and measurement Radiotherapy Nuclear physics Ionizing radiation