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Asya Studies
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Mehmet Akif Kara , Open Access
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“hic Rhodus, hic salta!” “hünerimizi göstermenin zamanıdır!” Ezop We have published the first issue of ASYA STUDIES (Academic Social Studies) as the number of fall. ASYA STUDIES, which started publication as an international journal in the field of social sciences, includes scientific studies in the field of social sciences. As an ASYA STUDIES journal, our aim is to serve the world of science by offering quality publications on an international scale. Mainly in Asia geography, we started publishing life in the field of social sciences to provide a modest contribution for the development of all the regions which will be subject to scientific studies and for the production of qualified productions which can be a light for the societies in scientific sense. Without overlooking the problem of institutionalization and continuity in the journals in the field of social sciences in Turkey, as a young academic community, we entered this path without forgetting our responsibility to make a quality publication and the fact that it is social progress. Of course, our most important goal is to ensure that our journal maintains a high quality publication throughout its publishing life and is a trusted and respected point in the social sciences. ASYA STUDIES is an international academic journal and at the same time this journal is an interdisciplinary academic space where you valuable researchers can speak and discuss.