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Amy Zhang , Publisher
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Building Technology Research (ISSN(P): 2630-4651) is an international open access Chinese journal focusing on the latest research progress in building technology. The main contents of the publication are: promotion of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new equipment, new models with practical value in construction engineering; introduction of design and construction concepts/examples of major engineering and technology breakthroughs; researches on new technologies and processes on decoration, waterproof, foundation, formwork, steel, concrete, steel structure, component production, plumbing, electrical, equipment installation, etc.; design, construction technology and project management experience; explanation of construction engineering technical norms and management science theory; technical measures for construction organization management and prevention of common quality issues. This journal welcomes manuscripts from advance and senior personnel engaged in scientific and technological work, decision-making, management, construction enterprises, engineering project management, architectural design, scientific research, architectural studies, and construction industry management. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in this journal.