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Journal of Excellence for Economics and Management Research
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Dr. Abdelhadi Messaoudi , The Faculty of economics, Commercial and sciences management University of Laghouat
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Journal of Excellence for Economics and Management Research (JEEMR) International specialized Refereed scientific journal The Faculty of economics, University of Laghouat. JEEMR Journal is a specialized international scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Economic. Issued since 2017 . It is a scientific theoretical and intellectual addition to various subjects of economics and administrative sciences. It contributes to the dissemination of original and specialized scientific researches to all academics and university professors. In economic and other related sciences, with special attention to applied and analytical studies based on objectivity, scientific level, accuracy and degree of documentation. The magazine seeks to develop knowledge and studies in the economic sciences and other related sciences in its various local and international dimensions, based on the scientific and methodological principles recognized by spreading their scientific production, which is original and serious, while adhering to the ethics of scientific research. The magazine also seeks to create a place for itself among the periodicals and specialized journals, to contribute thanks to the efforts of professors and researchers with their research and ideas and suggestions constructive and useful, From inside and outside the countryas contributors to scientific research or as advisers to assess the quality and authenticity of scientific research.