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Eğitim ve Yeni Yaklaşımlar Dergisi
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"Journal of Education and New Approaches (JENA) aims to share original academic studies in the field of education and to bring a new perspective to education with an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, by publishing original studies, presenting the current situation in the education process, drawing attention to the problems and offering solutions to contribute to the field of education. Journal of Education and New Approaches is an internationally refereed journal published in Turkish and English in 2018. The theoretical and applied research, scanning-review, paper, case study, short report, activity, biography, book review and letter to the editor are published after it is decided that they can be published from peer review. The work prepared in accordance with the rules of writing is sent to the referees for evaluation by our journal editor. The Journal of Education and New Approaches has the application of BLIND REFEREERS. The publication is decided by the Editorial Board and the Editorial Board in accordance with the opinion of the referees. The submitted articles are not refundable whether they are published or not. All responsibility of the articles published in our journal (scientific, professional, legal, ethical etc.) belongs to the authors. The copyright of the published articles belongs to the journal and cannot be transferred without reference. In order to establish scientific communication between the researchers, the articles, whose qualifications are explained below, are accepted as Turkish and English, but the abstracts must be published in English or Turkish.